Welcome to
The Red House Country Inn
...your home away from home


experience  the magic..   Love is in the Air!  Reserve February 14th NOW!!

One of the Breakfast Rooms
All NEW Menu Items!!
Breakfast served 8:15--9:15AM
(continental 9:15--11 AM)
**  Fresh breakfast breads and pastries
** Sausage made from my own unique recipe
** Greek Yogurt made daily
** Steel Cut Oats with local fruit & syrups
** Farm Fresh Eggs (ask for brown)
** Fresh fruit in season
** Hearty Scottish Breakfasts (on request)
** Scones, Scones and more Scones--- sweet and savory.
** Continental items ( for when you "sleep in" )**

Freshly made Greek Yogurt and Berries in Season      OMGosh.... secret recipe sausage patties, home made breads and fresh eggs!! Does it get better ??

Sweet berry Scones   Pillars of Scones... sweet and savory  Chocoalte-Cranberry Scones... decadent!!

Did I mention "Scones" ???

All made with our own EGGS !!!

Choose from these pretty eggs !!! 


We now offer NuSkin Products to our guests

check out the catalog at www.NuSkinUSA.com

A full line available in our Inn for guests.

Call or write for information

Reserve Your VALENTINE ...NOW!   

The Forest Awaits YOU!!!

Come play then rest by the fireplace !! 

Let your inner child enjoy the snow !! 








  ** Bring the Family ** 
We are open all year !!
The Red House Country Inn
is the ideal place to get away from it all.

Build your own reservation.
( Some 1 night rates... call for availability )

Meet the Kids! 

They'll be delighted to meet YOU !

Luci, E'Moli

The Lady DoPhan Yei d'Beijing au Chocolat

The newest additions... Thelma, Louise and Daffy!

and the girls will be delighted to supply fresh eggs for breakfast!


Make arrangements for an educational and fun tour of the homestead.  

Learn about straw bale gardening; why are some eggs blue;

are brown eggs really brown; easy & early sexing of ducks;

why do the geese have fluffy knots on their heads;

and what about those strange chickens;

how many geese do you need to raise goslings;

and what about those horses ???

You will definitely have a fun experience.



Our Guests may


***  NOW  ***


 call or email for pictures & selections



Original Creations for Every Occasion !!

Visit our SPECIALS Page

for more selections



Specials include spiritual retreats
Come aside-- stand still
long enough to allow your soul to catch up.
Call or write for retreat information.